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Boost Maths Tuition is all about making Maths a great, confidence-building experience for all children. 

We believe that children will experience a lot more self-confidence and success at school if they are supported practically at home and encouraged to think of Maths as an interesting and fun activity. 

With this in mind, Boost Maths Tuition is now offering to put on free parent workshops for schools to supplement their parent offering.  We provide a choice of two one-hour workshops entitled 'How to help your child with Maths at home (even if Maths is not your thing)' or 'Helping Your Child to Nail Their Times Tables'.  Both of these workshops offer inspiration for fun, practical activities that parents can undertake at home with their children, without needing to know any Maths themselves (and preferably without the children realising they are doing Maths at all!)

Teachers and Head teachers may apply using the online form below.  All schools in the following counties will be considered: Hampshire, Dorset, East Somerset, South Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey and East Sussex.  If you are a teacher or Head Teacher, just fill out the form below to find out more or make a booking.

If you are a parent then you can find out more about small group parent workshops here.

If you are a school representative and would like your school to benefit from a free parent Maths workshop, then fill in the details below and Boost Maths Tuition will be in touch.

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