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Boost Maths Tuition - Online Summer Holiday Tuition - 'GET SET FOR YEAR 11'

I'm delighted to offer online summer holiday catch-up classes in Maths, English and Science.

  • Maths week:  Mon 2nd Aug to Fri 6th Aug  - foundation - 3pm every day,  higher - 4pm
  • Science week: Mon 16th Aug to Fri 20th Aug - foundation - 3pm every day, higher/triple - 4pm
  • English week: Mon 23rd Aug to Fri 27th Aug - grades 1 to 5 - 3pm every day, grades 6 to 9 - 4pm

Each class will be 45 minutes long on Zoom.  Your child will not be required to have their camera on, but will be able to comment or ask questions by typing in the chat box or 'unmuting' themselves.

Science topics:
 Foundation: Atomic structure and using the Periodic Table, Plants and Photosynthesis, Understanding Chemical Equations
Higher/Triple: Reversible Reactions and equilibrium (Le Chatelier’s Principle), Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table, Specific Heat Capacity

Maths topics:
Foundation: Laws of Indices, Standard Form
Higher:  Functions, Inequalities

English topics:  to be confirmed.  However, they will be topics that appear in all exam boards.

The classes will be held daily for a week for each subject.  You are welcome to pick as many or as few subjects as you like.  Each subject will cost £45 for the 5 lessons.  Once you have filled in the form, I will send you a Paypal invoice for the amount.  If you book all 3 courses at £45 each, you will get a discount of £15 on the total.

Note:  If your child is entitled to free school meals, you can apply for a place for only £10 per subject.  Proof of entitlement will be requested by email once you have filled in the form.

I look forward to helping your child improve their Maths, Science and English skills and confidence ready for year 11.

Caroline Cutress x



ONLINE MATHS TUITION CLASSES FOR YEAR 11 STARTING IN SEPTEMBER - contact Caroline to book your child in.


Watch this space for the Easter Holiday GCSE revision classes in Maths, Science and English!