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Are you worried about how your child will cope with their GCSEs?

Will they achieve the grade they need?

Welcome to The Exam Factory! - Easter holiday intensive revision courses designed to give your child the extra boost they need to excel in Maths, Science and English GCSEs.  Focussing on the key transferable skills that students struggle with the most, targeting skills that occur in the widest range of exam questions and setting your child up for success!

With 20 years of teaching secondary school students including 7 years in one of Hampshire's best 'exam factories', Caroline Cutress knows how to coach students to pass exams.  She builds courses that focus on building confidence in key skills, giving students a core of key topics that they know inside out and explaining exam technique that is specific to the subject.

This year, Boost Maths Tuition will be providing Easter holiday courses in GCSE Maths, Science and English, run by qualified and experienced secondary teachers, with each subject split into two classes to cater for different ability levels.

Booking for Maths is available below and Science and English will be available shortly, but to make sure you stay informed, sign up to our newsletter.

If you are looking for affordable GCSE revision courses in Hampshire, giving Maths, Science and English tuition, you have come to the right place!


Easter Holiday Maths GCSE Revision Course, Hampshire

Ready for the Maths Exam?

Help Your Child Feel Super Confident as They Approach Their Maths GCSE.

A timely boost in this key subject.  By this stage in year 11 the pressure is really on.  Use the Easter holidays to get ahead and learn the key topics that will support a good grade in GCSE Maths.  Ease nerves and avoid those dreaded college resits.

Two days of lessons focussing on the key transferable Maths skills that students struggle with the most, like algebra, fractions and percentages.  These skills occur in the widest range of exam questions, so being literate in these topics will maximise a students ability to achieve high marks.

There will be 2 classes running simultaneously: Foundation and Higher, according to which paper the students are taking.  Each class will be run by qualified and experienced secondary Maths teachers.  Classes will be small, with no more than 10 pupils per teacher.  Your child will get the attention and support they need before the exam.

Join us on the 6th and 7th April, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m at the Velmore Centre in Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 3GY

Book for just £180 before 6th Mar 20 and £225 after, so book early and save £45

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Maths Class

GCSE revision can be a stressful time for you and your child. My revision classes can offer some reassurance before the big day and help settle those last-minute nerves. I look forward to seeing your child there.

How to Revise GCSE Maths - Webinar

Friday 6th March 4.30pm

Cost: £4.50


As parents, we all want to help our children achieve the best maths results they can. But this isn’t always easy, especially if we don’t know which revision techniques are right for them. Watching our children struggle is heartbreaking and it can sometimes leave us feeling helpless.


With so many different ways to approach revision and sources of information, it can be hard to know where to begin. And even harder to know which information you should trust. But I can help you.


In this webinar, I’ll show your child five new ways they can approach revising maths. Each approach is backed by up-to-date psychological research so you can relax knowing it’s accurate. The webinar is interactive, so your child can ask any questions they have along the way.


With five new methods to explore, you and your child can work out which approach to revision is best together. So the next time you revise maths, they’ll feel more confident and you won’t feel so helpless.

Smiling student is about a problem in math class