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Are you worried about how your child will cope with their GCSEs?

Will they achieve the grade they need?

The exam factory is designed to give your child the extra boost they need to excel in the Maths GCSEs.  Focussing on the key transferable Maths skills that students struggle with the most, like algebra, fractions and percentages.  These skills occur in the widest range of exam questions, so being literate in these topics will maximise a students ability to achieve high marks.

With 20 years of Maths teaching career including 7 years in one of Hampshire's best 'exam factories', Caroline Cutress knows how to coach students to pass exams.  She builds courses that focus on building confidence in key skills, giving students a core of key topics that they know inside out and explaining exam technique that is specific to Mathematics.

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Get Set For Year 11 Maths - Aug 2019

As a tutor, I get to discuss with a lot of my students how they are feeling about school and what stresses they are facing.  As it comes to the end of year 10, the anxiety level starts to build - year 11 is scary!  Most children are already anticipating the pressure of having to sit lots of very important exams - and don't know how they are going to cope!  If you want to give your child a head-start, why not book onto a one-day study day before school starts again?

Easter Holiday Intensive Courses in Maths, English and Science based in Chandlers Ford.

A timely boost in any of the three key subjects just in time for GCSEs.  By this stage in year 11 the pressure is really on.  Use the Easter holidays to get ahead and learn the key topics that will support a good grade in the three subjects.

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