boost maths tuition: learning through games

All Boost Maths Tuition is centred around learning Maths through games. This is hard for teachers to achieve in school because of large classes and limited resources.

Practising a Skill

Once children have been taught a mathematical concept, they usually need to practise it, to help them remember it. Playing Maths games is a way of repeating calculations or tasks over and over again without realising they are actually doing work!

Learning Styles

Recent thinking in education suggests that every child learns very differently and has their own unique 'learning style'. Maths lessons in schools are primarily geared to learning through listening (aural learning), whereas pupils with visual (learning through seeing) or kinaesthetic (learning through doing) preferences struggle to concentrate in traditional secondary school Maths classes. The use of games facilitates visual and kinaesthetic learning as well as consolidating knowledge by discussing and explaining. Find out your learning style here.


Some children find one-to-one tuition incredibly daunting as the attention and pressure is on them all the time. In a group situation, with ice-breaking activities and social interaction they often feel more at ease and learn better as a result. They can even sign up with a friend for moral support!

'Caroline has endless patience and has taken away our daughter's fear of maths and instilled confidence. Our daughter recently commented that she is no longer fazed by maths lessons at school. I would highly recommend Caroline as a tutor to support your child in this vital subject.'

Maintaining Interest

Even teenagers like to win games!