boost maths tuition: reviews and recommendations

July 2016 - Freddie from Netley Abbey says:

"My daughter is really enjoying the sessions and is becoming more confident!"

March 2016 - Elaine from Eastleigh says:

'Thank you for letting me sit in on your classes over the last few weeks. I think your classes are 'top end'! and they're also fun!'

February 2016 - Karen from Nursling says:

"Fantastic news from my daughter's maths teacher at Parents' Evening. At the end of Year 8 she was a 4b and now, (only a term later) is assessed as working within 5b. In her recent test she achieved a 5b which is absolutely amazing! Her teacher stated how much her timetables knowledge and application had improved and her understanding of number operations. We are so proud of her and we cannot thank you enough for all your help, guidance and support that you have given her since September."

July 2015 - Nicky from Bitterne says:

'..want to say a massive thank-you. I had an email from the maths teacher saying Beth's gone up two sub-levels recently.'

July 2015 - Laura from Bitterne says:

'Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. The sessions made such a difference to her confidence and really helped her fill some of the gaps in her maths.'

April 2015 - Julie from Chandler's Ford says:

'I want to let you know how pleased I am with my daughter's progress. I spoke with her maths teacher last term who has noticed a great improvement. Her grade is currently a B but her teacher thinks that she could push this up to an A!'

September 2012 - Brigitte from Shirley says:

'My daughter was very nervous and not very confident with GCSE Maths. We contacted Caroline just a few weeks before her final exam, and Caroline has been marvellous. She helped my daughter regain her self-confidence and belief in herself. When her results came through with a 'B' grade we were all absolutely thrilled. This would not have been possible without Caroline's tuition. Thank you so much! My only regret is that we didn't hire Caroline sooner and avoid all those months of needless worry.'

July 2012 - Jo from Bitterne says:

'My son has gone up 2 National Curriculum levels in the 4 months since Caroline has been tutoring him!'

March 2011 - Sharon from Bitterne says:

'My daughter enjoyed her time with Caroline, who was very patient with her and made maths enjoyable. My daughter's maths skills definitely improved over this period and she grew in confidence. Caroline tailored the tutoring specifically to my daughter's learning style. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline as a tutor.'

April 2011 - Suzanne from Southampton says:

'Our daughter had been struggling with Maths since junior school. She lacked confidence and seemed to have a 'mental block' where the subject was concerned. She was dreading every maths lesson and became tearful when faced with homework.

'Caroline has endless patience and has taken away her fear of maths and instilled confidence. Our daughter recently commented that she is no longer fazed by maths lessons at school. I would highly recommend Caroline as a tutor to support your child in this vital subject.'