boost maths tuition: online games

If you can't wait for your child to start practising and learning Maths by playing games, here is a selection of the best free online maths games suitable for secondary school pupils in the UK, with the associated National Curriculum levels. 

(Please note: some of these games can only be opened if you have Shockwave or Flash Player.)

Level 2

Addition Blast-Off - Adding numbers to reach a target.

Alien Pairs - Number bonds to 10.

Bubble Fun - Practise simple calculations.

Fruit Splat Odd/Even - Practise recognising odd and even numbers.

Igloo Shopping - Select the correct money to pay for items.

Ladybird Pairs - practice doubling numbers to 10.

Make 10 Shoot-Out - Number bonds to 10.

Money Splat - Recognise coins that add to make 10p.

Number Twins - Learning number bonds.

Level 3

2-D Shapes - Making simple fractions.

3 Times Table Jigsaws - Match the questions to the answer.

4 Times Table Shooting Game - Practice the 4 times table.

Bar Charts- Bar Charts - Practice reading information off charts.

Beat the Clock - Identifying decimals from a diagram.

Change Exchanger - Scan items and click on the hand to work out the change.

Circle Fractions - Identifying different fractions.

Counting in Tens Shootout - Complete the Pattern.

Division Mine - Practise division.

Fraction Splat - Identifying improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Fractone - Finding pairs of fractions that add to make one.

Fruit Shoot (Decimals) - Comparing decimals.

Fruit Shoot Skip Count - Practise counting in 2s, 3s, etc.

Hickory Dickory Dock - Choose the correct time.

Jet Ski Addition - Simple adding to 20.

On Time (level 2) - Setting the clock to hours and half hours.

On Time (level 4) - Setting a clock to 5 minute intervals.

Reindeer Cookie Café - Basic division questions.

Sailboat Subtraction - Simple subtraction to 12

Scooter Quest - Decimal place value.

Shape Shoot - Symmetry: identify how many lines of symmetry a shape has.

Shapes Splat - Identifying shapes.

Ships and Boats - Identifying the correct value of a digit.

Stop the clock 2 - Match the clock to the words: "o'clock" and "half-past".

Telling the Time Basketball Game - Multiple choice reading time in 1 minute intervals.

Using Bar Charts - Practice drawing bar charts.

What's the Weather? - Judging whether the temperature is warm or cold.

Level 4

Addition and Subtraction - Using mental methods and column methods.

Airlines Builder - Making shapes with a given perimeter.

Alien Angles - Estimating angles.

Billy Bug - Finding a positive coordinate.

Bubble Burst - Adding decimals.

Compare Integers - Choosing "greater than" or "less than" to compare numbers.

Concentration Game - 7 times table practice

Demolition Division - Deriving division facts from times-tables. 

Dino Dig - Finding bones by guessing coordinates.

Factor Feeder - Identifying factors.

Hit the Button - Times tables practice.

Kung Fu Angles - Estimating/Measuring angles.

Matching Math - Practise subtracting decimals.

Matching Percentages - Matching a shaded hundred square to a percentage.

Mission 2110 - Symmetry: recognise symmetry and reflect shapes.

Mostly Postie - Reading weights off scales.

Number Balls  - Putting positive and negative numbers in order of size.

Number Bonds - Add pairs of numbers to make 1.

Number Cop - Identifying Multiples, Squares and Primes.

Number Line Percent - Placing percentages on a number

Penguin Jump - Times tables practice.

Pony Division - Practise basic division.

Pumpkin Multiples - Recognising multiples from a single times table.

Railroad Repair - Simple addition/subtraction of decimals.

Rocket Dad - 8 times table practice

Shape Up - Drawing rectangles with a given perimeter or area.

Soccer Math - Rounding to the nearest whole number.

Symmetry Game - Complete the symmetrical pattern.

The Roots of Life - Recognising Square Roots.

Tile Catching Game - 7 times table practice

Tile the Floor - Counting areas.

Tractor Multiplication - Times Table Practice.

Wise Park - Colouring in parts of a hundred.

Written Multiplication Game - Practice the grid method.

Level 5

Bamzooki - Finding the Mean, Median, Mode and Range.

Build a Shed - Converting between mm, cm and metres.

Decimal Speedway - Multiplying and adding with decimals.

Downhill Racer - Working out fractions of an amount.

Driving Test - Interpreting coordinates.

Expanding Brackets - Multiply out a single bracket.

Find Grampy - Visualisation of fractions and simplifying.

Fraction Frenzy - Matching equivalent fractions.

Integer Football - Using a negative numberline to add and subtract.

Integer Subtraction - Practice subtracting negative numbers.

Integer Warp - Multiplying negative numbers.

Late Delivery - Substitution practice.

Length Match-Up - Converting centimetres to metres.

Locate the Aliens - Writing Coordinates.

Logic Zoo - Practise putting things in Venn diagrams

Mathman - Estimating calculations.

Mission 2110 - Angles - Estimating angles, angle words, triangles.

Number Balls - Multiplying and ordering negative numbers.

Number Invaders - Working out percentages of an amount.

Orbit Integers - Adding and subtracting with negative numbers.

Probability Circus - Choosing the correct spinner for the given probability.

Probability Pond - Working out probabilities as fractions.

Ratios Coloring Game - Colouring shapes to match a ratio.

Ratio Pairs - Simplify and match the equivalent ratios.

Rotation Puzzle Game - Practice visualising rotations.

Send in the Trolls - Finding the medians.

Simplifying Algebraic Equations - Collecting like terms.

Simplifying Ratios Game - Simplifying ratios.

Snow Sprint - Multiplying fractions with some simplifying

Speedboat Negative Numbers - Calculating with negatives.

Spider Match - Pairing numbers to make a negative number.

Symmetry Artist - Creating pictures with line or rotational symmetry.

Tank Attack - Working out missing angles in a triangle.

Triangle Shoot - Identifying types of angles and triangles.

Level 6

Animal Rescue - Placing fractions, decimals and per cent on a number line.

Balloon Pop Math - Ordering decimals.

Comparing Fractions and Decimals - Fraction/decimal conversions.

Divide and Grab - Practice dividing fractions by a whole number.

Fruit Shoot 1 - Convert fractions into decimals.

Fruit Shoot 2 - Identifying common denominators when adding fractions.

Hoop Shoot - Solving linear equations in 2 steps.

Indices Pairs - A matching game with powers.

Matching Game - Matching Fractions to Percentages

Speedway - Simple addition of fractions with cancelling.

Tank Attack - Working out angles between parallel lines.

Level 7

Manic Miner - Multiplying out double brackets.

Similar and Congruent Shape Shoot - Identifying similar and congruent shapes.

Standard Form Practice Game - Standard form with positive powers of 10.

War of the Worlds - Multiplying out double brackets.

Level 8

Index Laws  - Testing knowledge of laws of indices.

Wrecks Factor  - Factorising quadratics.