maths club by post

A monthly pack of fun worksheets to do at home!

  • Get a pack of worksheets posted to your child each month to tackle their weakest topics in Maths

  • Each pack leads your child gently through the topic step-by-step

  • Written and marked by a qualified, experienced Maths teacher

  • Telephone and email access to the tutor to discuss any aspect of your child’s Maths

  • Colourful worksheets designed to look like puzzles

  • Suggestions for online teaching videos and games

  • Free assessment

"My daughter is responding really well to the Maths Club packs, especially the online videos and songs! She has also been moved into the top set in maths at school, so the work she did over the summer seems to have paid off.

"She is really enjoying it - it takes the subject out of the ‘boring’ maths environment at school, and she gets more involved and engaged with it. The design of the pack is excellent: as the topic develops, the key learning points are reinforced as she progresses through each of the exercises in sequence."

- Lesley, Chandler's Ford

  • Aimed at 6-12 year-olds

  • Return work by post or email

  • Small, fun prizes sent to children who submit best work

  • Each pack will be marked and sent back to you

  • Try the first pack for free

  • Only £8.50 a month

  • No joining fee

  • Only pay for the number of months you need

  • Discount price of £6.50 for second and third siblings

Contact Caroline on 023 8034 1776 or email to subscribe.


"I just wanted to say how much C has enjoyed this pack. I can already see her confidence growing in just one month! She really didn't like mental maths and was getting 3/20 each week. This month she has been getting either 12 or 13 out of 20! The pack has definitely helped. P.S. She can't wait to receive her next pack!"

- Mel, Sholing

"We are really impressed with the packs. They are really giving T the opportunity to extend his knowledge beyond what he is taught at school. He is enjoying them and was very excited when his new pack arrived earlier in the month. I think the presentation (different colours and the variety of activities) make them much more engaging than the home tuition books we've used in the past."

- Emma D, Romsey


"I love your maths packs!"

- Victoria P, Southampton


Maths Club Teaching Videos

3 Times Table Song

4-Point Origami Star

4 Times Table Song

5 Times Table Song

6 Times Table Song

7 Times Table Song

8 Times Table Trick 

9 Times Table On Your Fingers

10 Times Table Song

Add or Subtract Decimals

Adding Fractions

Angles Around a Point

Angles in a Quadrilateral

>>Here are some of the fab prizes that are waiting to be sent to Maths Club winners! >>

Angles in a Triangle

Angles on a Straight Line

Be a Square

Bees' Knees Dance Party


Carry Over Song

Column Addition

Column Subtraction

Converting Metric Lengths


Coordinates Song

Cutting Out a Triangle

"Thank you for another great pack. We received the end-of-year school report last week,
which said that he is exceeding expectations in maths. There's no doubt that your maths
packs have helped a lot with this. Thank you."

- Emma D., Romsey



Diagonal Mirror Lines

Divide and Multiply by 10; 100; 1,000

Dividing Fractions

Division - "How to Share Equally: Introduction to Division"

Dog Named "10"

Doubles Song

Doubling 10s and 100s


Estimating Lengths


Finding 10%

Finding the Mode

Finding the Range

Fraction of an Amount

Fractions Song

Graphs 01: Coordinates

Graphs: Plotting straight line graphs easily - Maths GCSE revision y=mx+c

Grid Multiplication 1

Grid Multiplication 2

Halves and Quarters

Halving Diamond

Halving Small Numbers

How to Borrow

How to Read a Decimal

How to Multiply Decimals


Look for Clues

Math Rocks! - The Decimal Song

Mean, Median and Mode Toads

Measuring area by counting

Measuring in cm and mm

Metric Mass Song

Misleading Graphs

Multiply by Ten Song

Multiply by 10 and 100 Song

Multiplying Fractions

Negatives on a Number Line

Ninja Star

Nine Nits Is All There's Room For

Number Line Dance

On Reflection

Partitioning to Double

Perfect Square Song

Perimeter and Area Song

Perimeter by Counting Squares

Pie Pie Everyone


Polygon Song

Reading a Thermometer

Reading Simple Bar Charts

Return of the Great Big Hen

Rotational Symmetry

Rounding Machine

Rounding to the Nearest Ten 

Rounding to the Nearest 100 

Same Signs Add Song

Short Division with Remainder

Silly Symmetrical Monster

Simplifying Fractions Song

Single Brackets 1

Single Brackets 2

Single Brackets 3

Six Flat Worms

Skip Counting By 2

Speed Guide to Short Division

Subtracting Decimals

Tell, write and measure time to the minute

Telling Time to 5 minutes


Ten Times Table Song

The Meaning of Percent

The Negs

Triangles and Straight Lines

Units of Measure Song

Venn Diagrams

Writing Tenths and Hundreds with Decimals